Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI)

Why should a broker like you bother with learning another product, especially one that seems complicated and has so many dimensions?

If you don’t discuss LTCI with your clients, another agent will. LTCI is an important part of a client’s financial plan. With costs at more than $70,000 for long-term care expenses, your clients need to hear about LTCI from you.

Without LTCI, people are self-insured until they use up their life savings. Then they might qualify for Medicaid; the government welfare program. You owe it to yourself and your community to promote LTCI as a private sector solution.

Start here and familiarize yourself with the important considerations for selecting/suggesting/purchasing a long-term care policy.

Kistler-Tiffany Benefits represents the following LTCI carriers to fit your client’s needs:

  • Genworth
  • John Hancock
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • New York Life
I Need a LCTI Quote

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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Insurance is NOT a substitute for Long-Term Care Insurance.

There are several reasons you may need to obtain Medicare Supplement information for a client. They may be:

  • Client is just turning age 65
  • Client is under age 65 Medicare eligible
  • Client doesn’t like their current Medicare Supplement plan
  • Carrier is terminating client’s plan
  • Client is over age 65 but was never enrolled in Medicare’s Supplement plan

Different rules apply depending on your client’s current situation:

  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Pre-Existing Condition
  • Open Enrollment
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For general Medicare information, please visit www.medicare.gov.